Debris art outside the Shangri-La Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 8:01 am

Many have walked passed the latest public art installation at the corner of West Georgia and Thurlow wondering what exactly is this? To many it’s just a bunch of rocks and bricks piled together in a neat rectangle.

A video has been circulating on the internet that shows an individual walking on the “debris,” which is actually a public art installation at the Vancouver Art Gallery’s offsite exhibition space next to the Shangri-La called Calm. Turns out it’s like a water bed underneath all that rubble. Pretty sure you aren’t supposed to walk on this, so don’t go out and try this.

The Vancouver Art Gallery describes the piece as this:

At first appearing to be debris from a demolition or recent disaster, Calm is an installation that breathes life and ambiguity into a pile of bricks. So subtly that it is barely visible to viewers, the ruins begin to slowly move, creating a mirage effect.

Well now we know just how those ruins move.

[youtube id=”XeqE5jIdh8c” align=”center”]

One thing’s for certain – it’s a lot better than the $100,000 Main Street Poodle.