De-Stress with Savasana

Dec 19 2017, 5:10 am

The world is more demanding of us today than ever before. It is well known that a majority of the population suffers from some sort of stress every two weeks. How do we deal with that stress, or do we even deal with it at all? Practicing this week’s pose will set you in the right direction on how to deal with stressors in your life. Savasana is a restorative pose meaning it works on our autonomic nervous system. This pose, if practiced daily, will be sure to make some improvements in both your mental and physical well being. So get on the floor and lie around in Savasana, it’s a crowd favourite!


• Lie on your mat flat on your back arms beside you and palms facing up
• Place a pillow under the knees if you have lower back problems
• place a blanket over your body for warmth
• use an eye bag (or face cloth over the eyes) to facilitate deep relaxation
• allow the breath to breathe itself – this breath is soft, quiet and gentle
• direct your passive breath into the body/mind
• breathe into releasing the jaw, brow and facial muscles
• breathe into the shoulders and arms allowing them to be supported by the floor
• breathe into the lower back releasing any tension as you release the legs and the feet
• soften the soles of the feet and toes
• stay in the pose anywhere from 5 – 20 minutes


• removes physical and mental fatigue
• relaxes and soothes the parasympathetic nervous system
• helps treat high blood pressure and relieves migraine and stress related headaches
• alleviates the symptoms of respiratory diseases and eases breathing
• speeds up recuperation after illness or injury
• helps refresh dreamless sleep, especially for those with sleep disorders


• If at any time you experience feelings of isolation, anxiety, fear or depression then come out of the pose.

To come out of the pose

• start increasing the length of your breath
• start to wiggle your hands and feet
• bend your knees
• when you’re ready bring your knees to your chest and breathe into your lower back
• roll over to your side and push yourself up with your hand to a seated position

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