Daylight Saving Time: set your clocks one hour ahead this Sunday, March 12

Mar 10 2017, 4:32 am

Get ready to figure out how to change the time on your microwaves and stoves all…over…again.

Daylight Saving Time is here at last.

Our deliverance from dark, rainy, homeward commutes into slightly brighter, rainy, homeward commutes begins this Sunday, at the small cost of one hour of sleep.

The change will take place automatically for all of our high-tech gadgets at around 2 am Sunday morning, so for any of you just getting home after a late Saturday night out, don’t be alarmed if 1:59 suddenly becomes 3 am in the morning.

However, anything that isn’t connected to the internet will need to be switched manually (microwaves, stoves, Hello Kitty alarm clocks), unless, like me, you forgot to change them last November and now, miraculously, they’ll all just be back to the right time.

Remember, folks: Spring Forward, Fall Back.

That is, of course, unless you live in Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan is immune to the time-changing trickery that the rest of us are condemned to year after year.

So here’s to the future summer sunsets that’ll hit the water at 9 pm, and the hour of sleep sacrificed in getting us there.

Daylight Saving Time

When: Sunday, March 12, at 2 am

Where: All Most of Canada! (Excluding Saskatchewan, parts of the Peace River District and the East Kootenay Region in BC, specific areas in Nunavut, Ontario, Quebec… Time is hard). But definitely in Vancouver!

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