Daycare offering calming services for dogs that hate Halloween fireworks

Oct 28 2020, 5:08 pm

Between fireworks, costumes and trick-or-treaters coming to the door, Halloween can be a stressful time for pets.

This weekend, a Vancouver-based dog care franchise will be looking to help owners let their dogs escape the fear and anxiety that comes around Halloween.

From now until Sunday, Jet Pet will be welcoming dogs into their boarding and daycare locations at all three of its locations (Olympic Village, Richmond, and the North Shore).

The doggy daycare offers a variety of ways to help canines keep calm, such as essential oils, calming music throughout the entire facility, dimmed lighting, cuddles, soundproofed walls, and plenty of support.

Not to mention, each location is equipped with a 24/7 webcam so that owners can check on their animals while playing or sleeping, ensuring peace of mind.

“We know that dogs have a hard time on Halloween night, but we realized that we have the perfect environment for them right here,” says Fay Egan, owner of Jet Pet.

You’ll likely have to book ahead to ensure a spot for your pup, and private suites at each location are first come, first served. Owners are also encouraged to bring their dog’s food, toys, and treats, to help maintain a routine.

“If the dog has a favourite chew toy or treat, those are fantastic as well,” says Egan. “Distraction is key.”

Unfortunately, owners won’t be able to stay with their four-legged friend if they chose to make use of Jet Pet’s services, but they’ll be in good care with their professional handlers.

For those who wish to stay with their canine companions on Halloween, Jet Pet has also shared 10 tips to help reduce a dog’s stress during fireworks.

Simple things like tiring your dog out beforehand, creating distractions, and giving them a safe space, can go a long way.

Information on pricing, services, and vaccination requirements can be found online.

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