DAVIDsTEA grand opening in downtown Vancouver

DAVIDsTEA has finally made its grand opening at the Pacific Centre shopping mall. We know downtown Vancouver has been steeping in the suspense, but now it’s time to brew on the magical experiences of tea that DAVIDsTEA is just so ridiculously good at.Not only does DAVIDsTEA offer a wide range of tradional/straight and flavoured teas, but the company prides itself in providing amazing shopping experiences.

Walking into DAVIDsTEA is reminiscent of a heavenly dream of one’s youth in a candy store. The only difference is that over 120 glorious teas aline the wall. An impossibly friendly and enthusiastic sales associate (Tea Guide) will then offer you a free sample of tea, preparing you for a mind-blowing sensory shopping experience.

At DAVIDsTEA there is a tea for everyone and anyone. How about “Mint Chocolate Rooibos” or “Stormy Night” (black tea containing, chocolate, cinnamon, and coconut) for our chocolate lovers out there. If it’s delicious, you’ll find it in one of their blended teas. Coconut, cranberries, chocolate, mint, apples, nuts, you name it. Some of their teas will make you go “whoa, that freakin’ tastes like juice!” A yogi or health conscious individual? DAVIDsTEA offers a vast range of herbal blends with ayurvedic qualities such as the “le digestif” to calm your tummy and “Sweet Dreams” to help you get your beauty rest. There are also herbal blends that help balance out kapha, vata, and pitta body types according to ayurvedic tradition. Whether you’re looking for a straight, flavoured, or herbal ayurvedic tea, all of them are sure to make you feel good inside and out.

In addition to the tea-rrific teas, DAVIDsTEA also carries an impressive collection of super sexy tea-ware so that making, drinking and carrying your tea can be done in style. Their sleek tumblers such as the Timolino travel mug may just become your new favorite accessory. The best part about all their tea-ware is that you will not be left hanging wondering what to do with your loose leaf tea. Customers will never go back home to find themselves dazed and confused cursing with their hands in the air, and then awkwardly resorting to pouring their infused tea through a strainer. DAVIDsTEA is all about educating customers so they can enjoy all the benefits of loose leaf tea with ease. DAVIDsTEA is there to answer all your questions about introducing tea into your life. And don’t forget that they also offer teas to go. Hot teas, iced teas, and tea lattes galore!

Come on downtown to the brand new DAVIDsTEA located in Pacific Centre (straight across from Sephora – on Dunsmuir Street), and get ready to infuse yourself in the wonderful world of tea.

P.S. Tea is a fabulous gift! No other gift brings so much joy, comfort, and health like tea does. Check out DAVIDsTEA Holiday Gift Guide.


What: Davids Tea grand opening

Where: Pacific Centre Shopping Mall (701 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC V7Y 1G5)

Why: TEA! Need I say more?