Date Night in Vancouver: LIFT Bar + Grill + View

A dinner at a waterfront restaurant is definitely one of the most romantic meals possible. If you are looking for a place that offers delicious food alongside a spectacular view, LIFT Bar & Grill is where you should be heading. Lift is a floating restaurant in Coal Harbour that offers an unbeatable view of the our beautiful waters. A dinner at Lift over sunset is a truly unique and memorable experience that can’t be beat.

For starters, the Signature Ceviche ($17) here is a light and refreshing dish that features an assortment of carefully chosen seafood, fruits, and vegetables. It is different creation everyday based on the freshest ingredients available.

The “Perfect” Egg is Lift’s signature appetizer. This organic free range egg is guaranteed to be “perfect” because it takes over eight hours of preparation to create. The result is a soft and smooth textured egg that has an unbelievably tasty flavour. The egg is served with wild mushrooms and assorted vegetables that complement its taste.

A seaside dinner wouldn’t be complete without some shellfish. The Mussels ($16) here come in large portions and are particularly flavourful because they are cooked with white wine, chorizo, and confit garlic.

Halibut season is upon us, so now is the best time to try out Lift’s Roasted Halibut ($35). Served with Spring vegetables and ajo blanco sauce, this moist and smooth halibut reminds guests of the importance of freshness in seafood.

The most adventurous dish at Lift is perhaps the Coffee Crusted Ostrich ($38). Using a coffee flavour in an entree is already a bit odd, but combining it with exotic Ostrich meat makes this dish ever more interesting. In fact, ostrich needs to be cooked with coffee in order to bring out its taste. Although ostrich is technically a white meat, its texture and taste is very much similar to that of a red meat. Ostrich does not have a strong gamey taste, which makes it more easily likable than lamb or kangaroo. There aren’t a whole lot of restaurants in Vancouver that carry ostrich, and Lift is an awesome place to try it out!

Everyone likes chocolate bars, but Lift finds a way to bring them to the next level. The Chocolate Bar dessert ($8) here features an almond chocolate bar with vanilla foam. It is a fun dessert that is not overpoweringly sweet, which makes it a lovable treat for guests of all ages.

We are all familiar with Black Forest Cakes, but have you tried it in a different form before? The Black Forest Liquid Dessert ($11) is a unique creation that mirrors the taste of a black forest cake – but in a liquid form. Featuring vanilla gelato with creme de cacao, chocolate bitters, and a kick of Kahlua, this is a memorable dessert that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Thank for reading; See you all at my next food adventure!

333 Menchions Mews
Vancouver BC

Phone Number:

Dinner Hours:
Everyday from 5 p.m.


Written by Justin Leigh, contributor to Vancity Buzz. Connect with Justin on Twitter @jsleigh14.

Food courtesy of Lift Bar & Grill. 

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