8 ways to reinvent date night in Vancouver

Jul 22 2019, 10:07 pm

When you think you’ve just about exhausted all the possible date night locations in Vancouver, don’t worry. There are always things to do, regardless of what time of the year it is. All you have to do is think outside the box and get creative.

Date night doesn’t have to be the same old pizza place and a movie, or staying at home and re-watching The Notebook (no judgement; it’s a great movie). Date night can be almost anything, including experiencing new (and unexpected) activities together that help keep your spark alive and strong.

We’ve compiled a list of ways you can reinvent date night around Vancouver, so you never have to engage in the same old argument with your significant other ever again: “What do you feel like doing tonight?” (Cue eyes rolled emoji.)

It’s time to check these eight spots off your list.

Go to the Vancouver Aquarium After Hours

Visit Vancouver Aquarium for date night — After Hours. Providing an escape from the typically crowded-with-kids vibe, Vancouver Aquarium’s adult-targeted After Hours nights are focused on entertaining you, the adults. Drinks are on sale throughout the night so you can sip and stroll through the galleries in peace.

It might be one of the most romantic things you do this summer. Just make sure to snap a couples’ selfie in front of the mesmerizing jellyfish tank.

Go to an art exhibition or festival

Vancouver is known for its world-class cultural attractions — so why not take advantage of this and head to the Vancouver Art Gallery? The gallery hosts a variety of different exhibitions throughout the year. And if you plan ahead, you may be able to catch an art festival, too.

This summer, put a spark back into date night and drop by the Indian Summer Festival, a 10-day festival of arts, music, and inspiration, running from July 4 to 14.

Try your luck at the casino

Transport yourself and your boo into a scene out of Ocean’s 11 (minus the heist, of course) and head to Parq Casino for a glamorous night out on the town. Grab a signature drink during happy hour at the Centre Bar or Lotus Whiskey/Tea Lounge (indulge in a whisky flight, if you’re feeling bold), and take in the live entertainment before you.

After this, head over to the tables to have your try at Parq Casino’s state of the art gaming, where you can even compete in one of their slots, Blackjack, or Baccarat tournaments. Or, if you’re a complete rookie, you can learn to play at the casino any day of the week, from 3 to 5 pm. You’ll both be pros in no time! (Oh, and don’t forget to use your GameSense when you gamble, because balance is something we value for you and your boo.)

Go on a luxury tour of the city


How well do you know Vancouver? If you’ve lived here all your life but still haven’t found the time to check off all the main spots around the city, why not dedicate an entire day to go on a luxury tour with your special someone? Companies like Luxury Transport Inc offer private tours of the city that last the entire day, bringing you around to all the key places you need to hit up.

You’ll be sure to make plenty of great memories (as well as take plenty of cute snaps) — and leave knowing so much more about Vancouver, too.

Have signature tea cocktails at Lotus Whiskey/Tea Lounge

Signature tea cocktails/Lotus Whiskey/Tea Lounge

If you’re tired of going for drinks in the same old predictable spot, then it’s time to try something new. For date night, we suggest going to Lotus Whiskey/Tea Lounge to treat your senses to a new kind of experience by ordering some signature tea cocktails. You won’t find anything like these drinks anywhere else in the city!

Start the evening off with an all-rounder — Ten Grand Tea, a cocktail made with Earl Grey tea-infused Tanqueray Ten gin, Grand Marnier simple syrup, lemon juice, egg whites, and lavender bitters. Another must-try is the White Plum cocktail; a blend of Tanqueray Malacca gin, plum wine, white tea, and cardamom bitters. Stay for the live band and perhaps order the Ketel of Fruit as your next drink.

Go go-kart racing in Richmond


Looking for an adrenaline rush? Go-karting is a great option for thrill-seekers on date night. Head over to Speeders in Richmond to hit the indoor track (which also means you can get your speed fix, rain or shine). After all, a little friendly competition can’t hurt, so buckle in and get ready for a ride. Pretend you’re in a real-life Mario Kart, or channel your inner Fast and Furious.

Watch a movie at the drive-in theatre

Landsdowne Drive-In Series

One of the best parts about summer is arguably the sheer number of outdoor movie screenings that happen around town. Our favourite, however, and the most appropriate for date nights, are the Drive-In Movie Series every Wednesday evening throughout July and August at Landsdowne Centre.

Reinvent movie night by driving over to Landsdowne Centre, parking your car, and enjoying a free movie on the huge four-storey screen — just do not, we repeat, do not forget the popcorn.

Go to an indoor trampoline park


Bear with us — this one’s not just for kids. It’s surprisingly fun going to a trampoline park, and Extreme Air Park, which has locations in Langley, Richmond, and New West, is proud to be Canada’s largest trampoline park. All of their locations offer hours of fun of jumping around, and it’s a fantastic location for a double date or a group date.

Now, prepare for the most fun you’ve had together on date night in years.

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