Date Night: Diva at the Met - Edible Art

In the world of fine dining, it’s important for food to look as good as it tastes. This is definitely the case at Diva at the Met, the luxurious restaurant in the Metropolitan Hotel. Diva commits itself to elevating food to an artistic shape and form; all of their dishes are inspiring masterpieces. Here, plates are canvases and foods are drawings. A meal at Diva is perfect for getting you and your date in the mood for an opera or ballet afterwards.

The seven course tasting menu at Diva is an excellent way to try many of their most beautiful dishes. There is the option for wine pairings as well if you want a truly impeccable meal.

SABLEFISH with octopus, lobster, nitro olives

SUNSHINE COAST STURGEON with pickled cabbage, pork jowl, navy bean, oyster sauce

VEAL CHEEK with popcorn sweetbread, fall vegetables

HUMBOLDT SQUID with persian tamarind glaze

LOCK STOCK FARM SQUAB red wine cabbage, game jus

TRUFFLED LAMB TENDERLOIN with salsify, natural jus

Predessert: THE ROCK

PUMPKIN CARAMEL PUDDING with praline, yam ginger ice cream

Address: 645 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC

Phone Number: (604)602-7788


Twitter: @hamidsalimian


Pictures and Article by: Justin Leigh (@jsleigh14). Visit his blog: the WALK&TALK.