Date Night in Yaletown: Blue Water Cafe's Unsung Heroes Menu

Dec 19 2017, 7:02 am

For the month of February, Blue Water Cafe is hosting their 9th annual Unsung Heroes Festival. During this time, Blue Water will be offering their Unsung Heroes Menu, a specialized menu which only serves seafood that complies with the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise Program. The dishes on this menu avoid species that are over-fished or harvested in ways that are damaging to our ocean.  The Unsung Heroes menu aims to promote ocean sustainability while providing guests with sensational and refreshing tastes. More details about the festival can be read here.

The Blue Water Cafe’s elevated yet casual dining room is the perfect place for you to have your Valentines’ dinner. Here, you can expect to be impressed by this restaurant’s amicable decor and impeccable service.

The dishes on the Unsung Heroes menu are all recommended as sharing dishes (complete menu here). These dishes explore a multitude of different flavours while also being pleasing to the eyes.

Herring Roe
taramosalata with herring roe, grilled flat bread  9.50

mixed seaweed, fennel, avocado, cucumber, toasted sesame seeds  9.50

 white anchovies on roasted red pepper bruschetta with mozzarella and arugula 9.50

Red Sea Urchin
sea urchin mousse in its crispy shell with ponzu jelly and avocado sauce 12.50

mirugai sashimi with karashi sumiso 16.50

stir fried with pork belly, taro root, chili and green onions, hoisin sauce, pea shoot salad 10.50

Sea Cucumber
sea cucumber in saikyo miso shrimp soup with bamboo shoots, ginger, enoki mushrooms, edamame, wakame 10.50

grilled octopus, chili orrechiette, chickpeas, broccolini, grape tomatoes 11.50

baked sardine stuffed with parmesan gremolata, green beans, marcona almonds, aji amarillo lemon dressing 9.50

lightly smoked and broiled, sauerkraut braised in white wine with gala apples, pickled mustard seed sauce  9.50

If you are looking to order wine, kindly ask your servers about the wine pairings that work best with the dishes you order. Blue Water Cafe has an extensive wine list that caters to an endless combination of dishes.

If you are looking for a unique and surprising way to spend your Valentines’ dinner, Blue Water Cafe is the place to be. The Unsung Heroes menu’s dishes are all very exciting to try, and it’s heartwarming to know that your dining is promoting ocean sustainability as well. Please book in advance for reservations, and bon appetit!

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1095 Hamilton St  Vancouver, BC

Phone Number:
(604) 688-8078


Twitter: @BlueWaterCafe


Pictures and Article by: Justin Leigh (@jsleigh14). Visit his blog: the WALK&TALK.