Darwin Deez Vancouver Show

Dec 19 2017, 7:07 am

On March 4th, the indie rock group…artist…group (I’ll ask next week during my interview) Darwin Deez will be playing the venue that always brings their A game – Fortune Sound Club. I for one have been a fan of Darwin Deez for a few years now, and I am happy to finally get to see them/him perform live.

The self-titled debut album, self-titled…You know what it’s called, came out in 2010. The singles Constelations and Radar Detector came out and got Darwin Deez attention across North America and into Europe. His music was popping onto college radio and indie radio stations all over. His music was finding a spot in the generation that is heading into their early/mid twenties.

I was a fan of the debut album. It was fresh. It was upbeat. It was the music that became the soundtrack of my summer. Then out of nowhere I got an email newsletter, I get those from time to time, that had a link to a mixtape entitled Wonky Beats. It was a hip hop mixtape using countless samples from the old Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie. Part nostalgia, part new era, part Das Racist, part psychedelic.  All those elements blended together and created a whole new sound from Darwin Deez.

Fast forward to February 2013. Darwin has a new album out called Songs for Imaginative People and a new single title You Can’t Be My Girl. You can check out the visuals below.

  • Who: Darwin Deez
  • When: Marce 4th
  • Where: Fortune Sound Club
  • How to get in: TicketWeb