Daniel Sedin sets Canucks all-time record: A look back at his 10 best goals

Dec 20 2017, 3:45 am

With Daniel Sedin scoring his 347th and 348th goals against Boston on Thursday, no one will argue he and Henrik are two of the greatest Canucks of all time.

How high they are on that list is another conversation. If you ask this writer, I’d say they’re at the top of the list and there’s no debate.

They may not have the blinding speed of Pavel Bure or the pinpoint wristshot of Markus Naslund, but they’ve dominated the ice for years with their strength, vision, skill, and simple hard work.

We haven’t even mentioned their leadership skills yet, and that naming Henrik Sedin captain was the best move the Canucks ever made aside from drafting the twins.

Back to Daniel’s 348th goal, we’re using it as excuse to look back on some of the most memorable goals he’s scored over his career so far.

1. First NHL goal

It didn’t take long for the twins to show what they could do. In their third game as Canucks in 2000, Daniel scored for the first time.

No need to tell you who set him up.

[youtube id=”eT6dcV75eYY”]


2. First multi-goal game

While games where the Sedins score multiple goals and points are a regular occurrence these days, Daniel had to wait until his fourth season for his first multi-goal game.

That night in February 2004, he scored two goals for the first time, but he wasn’t done there.

He kept going, scoring his first NHL hat trick.

Then, just to top it off, he potted a fourth.

While he’s never again had a four-goal game, Daniel’s had many big nights on the scoreboard since then – and he led the NHL with his 104 points in the 2010-11 season.

[youtube id=”oAQGIzl9TeI”]


3. Spinorama against Calgary

In 2007, Daniel scored a highlight-reel goal against the Flames.

Calgary is a fitting opponent for this goal as it’s the same team Daniel’s scored the most on over his career, with 28 goals and 82 points against them.

This video’s even more epic because it was shot on one of the first phones with video capability. (I may or may not be making that up).

[youtube id=”wn0w3hjvuns”]


4. Overtime hero 1

Another Canucks record Daniel holds (there are more than a few) is the one for regular season overtime goals. He has 14, and under the old 4-on-4 format, the Sedins were beasts.

Here’s one OT goal against the Senators from last season.

[youtube id=”96UHeIT_hSA”]


5. Overtime hero 2

And another OT goal, this one against the Habs in 2015.

[youtube id=”sAt9bc5VGGE”]


6. He does breakaways too

While you don’t often see the twins on breakaways, both have shown they can score on them despite their shootout futility.

Daniel was up to the challenge against the Blackhawks in 2013.

[youtube id=”2LdyVmTKXho”]


7. Mesmerizing dominance

It wouldn’t be right to do this post without including the magical passing Canucks fans have been lucky to enjoy so often.

This play against the Oilers, the team second-most dominated by the twins, will make your head spin.

[youtube id=”zXRZSMkAKcA”]


8. Scoring when it counts

Once in a while you’ll still hear people say the Sedins don’t score in the postseason, an ignorant comment considering they’ve put up nearly a point per game since the 2009 playoffs.

It’s no surprise the twins led the team in points during the 2011 run to the Finals.

Here’s Daniel scoring the tying 2-2 goal against Boston in Game 2. While it may not be one of his best goals, it’s definitely one of his biggest.

Watch Rogers Arena go wild. Good times, weren’t they?

[youtube id=”RgyVfr1jZZs”]


9. More Sedin dominance

Earlier this season, the Sedins showed the world they’re far from over the hill.

Against the Canucks arch rivals, they had a game to remember, with Daniel scoring two goals in two minutes to pick up a hat trick.

Here’s the third goal. FYI, Hank’s assist was his fifth point of the game.

[youtube id=”_flIe6tKxtQ”]


10. Hat-trick goal against the Flames 2010

The sickest, most memorable, craziest goal of the Sedins’ career came in 2010 against the Flames. It is also one of the best Canucks goals of all time.

To make it even better, it topped off another hat trick for Daniel.

The set up was a masterpiece as Henrik tipped the puck through his legs away from the net, right onto Daniel’s stick.

Daniel did it one better, going through his own legs with his puck and stick to finish off the play.

[youtube id=”me3GPkF7m5s”]

The full hat trick:

[youtube id=”LnIGLhQBwOg”]

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