Dan Mangan video game

Dec 19 2017, 10:20 am

A Vancouverite has created a “massively popular” video game that features an original soundtrack by Dan Mangan.

This video game project has already gained the attention of www.ign.com, which is the largest video game site.

The Kickstarter video game project launched about two weeks ago. It has fundraised almost $10,000 toward “a very ambitious and unique” video game, which combines the graphics of every video game generation into a single package. It will be released on iOS, Android, Kindle, Mac and PC.

About the game

  • This is the first game to have perfect platforming controls on the touch screen, and graphics from every video game generation combined.
  • There are no on-screen buttons that will block players’ views. Tapping anywhere on the left side of the screen will change your player’s direction. The right side of the screen is jump, or double jump. Controls so basic your grandmother could pick it up and play, but levels become increasingly difficult until mastery is required.
  • Every single level of SAMQ takes you through the history of video games. They start out looking like an old-school gameboy game, and change dynamically in front of you as you power up by collecting hearts.
  • The coolest thing about the dynamic changes is that certain secrets can only be found in specific resolutions. For example, you might find a key in the 1-Bit mode, and the door can only be found in the 16-bit mode. You can replay a beaten level in any resolution of your choosing to try and collect all the secrets.

For more information visit: www.superadventuremegaquest.com.

Feature image credit: Kickstarter