Vancouver quantum computing company D-Wave makes cover of TIME magazine

Dec 19 2017, 9:45 am

Vancouver-based quantum computing company D-Wave has made it to the front cover of TIME Magazine for its groundbreaking technology that could revolutionize how computers work by increasing their processing power exponentially.

The company is located in Burnaby and has recently received significant international attention for its work after being modest about its research for years. According to the article, each ‘D-Wave Two’ computer is a black box ten feet high and contains a niobium computer chip that is chilled to -273°C.

The price tag? $10-million. Only five such computers exist and tech entrepreneurs, investors, NASA and even the CIA see its immense potential. Given its complexity, very few understand how it actually works.

Here’s a small excerpt from the TIME Magazine article:

The D-Wave Two is an unusual computer, and D-Wave is an unusual company. It’s small, and it has very few customers, but they’re blue-chip: they include the defense contractor Lockheed Martin; a computing lab that’s hosted by NASA and largely funded by Google; and a U.S. intelligence agency that D-Wave executives decline to name.

The reason D-Wave has so few customers is that it makes a new type of computer called a quantum computer that’s so radical and strange, people are still trying to figure out what it’s for and how to use it. It could represent an enormous new source of computing power —it has the potential to solve problems that would take conventional computers centuries, with revolutionary consequences for fields ranging from cryptography to nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals to artificial intelligence.



Image: TIME

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