Cyclist allegedly attacked by pedestrian in downtown Vancouver (VIDEO)

Dec 19 2017, 11:29 am

A video of another violent confrontation with cyclists in downtown Vancouver was published earlier this week. However, the incident did not involve a motorist but rather a pedestrian.

The cyclist has not revealed his identity but he told Vancity Buzz that the incident occurred on Thursday at 4 p.m. at the corner of Jervis and Hastings Streets in Coal Harbour.

[youtube id=”d2FQ0VJr39k”]

He said a male pedestrian between the ages of 40 and 55 approached him and asked if he was going to ride his bike on the sidewalk.

When he gave an affirmative answer, the pedestrian allegedly behaved aggressively, and shouted at him within inches of his face.

“I told him to back off and he started walking west. I had my GoPro camera on me so I decided to follow him to get a few head shots of him,” said the cyclist. “At some point he asked me if I was going to share that video with my friends, gave me the finger really close to me almost in a way he was going to hit me.”

He conceded that by following him, he might have been asking for trouble. After another verbal confrontation, the pedestrian allegedly assaulted him.

“He tried to punch me but I was fast enough that he missed me. I kind of ran backwards as you can see in the video and I hit the curb because I didn’t see it,” he said.

He went over the curb twice, and fortunately there were no vehicles driving by when he hit the asphalt. The pedestrian then approached him again and allegedly stomped on the bike several times and assaulted him one more time.

The pedestrian then took off from the scene and officers from the Vancouver Police Department arrived shortly and a patrol vehicle was sent to find the man. A parking officer and several other individuals witnessed the incident.

The cyclist acknowledged that he knew it was illegal to be cycling on a sidewalk designated for pedestrians, but he added that the roads are dangerous and motorists often behave aggressively to cyclists for riding slow.

“I get yelled or honked at all the time when I go biking, my girlfriend refuses to ride in the street because it’s dangerous,” he said. “So when we go biking we try ot go later in the evening so we don’t bother as many people on the sidewalk. When I go on a pleasure ride, like one would do with his kids if he lived in the suburbs, where you are going between 5 and 10 km/h, I ride the sidewalk because otherwise every single driver will honk at me.”

This comes after another incident two weeks ago when a cyclist on the Stanley Park seawall veered onto a pedestrian path. He collided into a female pedestrian, knocking her off the seawall and onto the rocks 10 feet below. She suffers from broken back injuries and it is estimated that it will take her 3 months to walk again.