Culver City Salads food cart aiming to go solar powered

Dec 19 2017, 10:54 am

Culver City Salads is giving a whole new meaning to clean eating. Not only does their vegan, gluten-free menu put healthy food at a priority, but they’re now focusing on keeping our environment clean and sustainable.

Their food truck, like many others, is currently gas powered, but they’re looking to change that. Culver City Salads has recently started a campaign to gain donations in order for them to purchase solar panels, energy-efficient fridges and clean batteries.

Not only are they aiming for this campaign to better their own company, but they’re hoping to “inspire a solar panel initiative through the city.”

The company’s current goal is to raise $20,000 through purchases of “Salad Cards” which allows you to donate any amount you’d like, with that amount being returned to you in the form of a Culver City Salads gift card. However, this is not the only donation method.

For a pre-determined amount which you can look at on their website, there’s a choice of fresh juices from The Juice Truck, a Tight Life personal trainer, yoga classes at The Distrikt Movement, and a chance to “get your hands dirty” at Inner City Farms.

Culver City Salads also has a full break-down of exactly where your funding is going on their website, showing specifically how much they need and for what.

To donate, you can visit

Featured Image: Culver City Salads