Culture Shock DXB: New Year's Eve

Dec 19 2017, 6:50 am

This article will kick off a series of articles called: Culture Shock. We will be discussing and contrasting different aspects of cities. The first city will be Dubai, UAE. 

In Vancouver, there are a few main things that people can do to celebrate the New Year. This particular season is one of the most profitable ones for many restaurants and venues. There are countless events that take place at clubs, hotels, cruises, and restaurants, which require you to buy tickets for entry. Some folks, on the other hand, prefer to stay at home and hold their own parties and gatherings.

New Year’s Eve celebrations around the world usually have a common feature: fireworks. Unfortunately, in our city there aren’t many major events that take place for firework shows. The only chance you’ll possibly get to catch some sparks in the sky would be probably be at the dinner cruises.

Almost every city in the world that you visit has their own unique way of celebrating the New Year. In New York crowds gather around Times Square, in London the Big Ben and London Eye are where it’s at to watch the firework shows, and in Dubai thousands and thousands of people go to the iconic Burj Khalifa to watch the breathtaking spectacle.

Dubai is known to be the desert city that has it all; everything is bigger, better, faster, and stronger. It’s also home to the world’s tallest building. The stunning Burj Khalifa is a monstrous 828 meter-high building that is address of the uber-chic Armani Hotel, luxurious residential apartments and corporate offices. By day, it’s a tall structure; by night it’s half-a-mile of lights. Although its appearance on an everyday basis is spectacular, it’s incomparable to what it’s like on New Year’s Eve. Once the clock strikes midnight, the Burj shoots lights, fireworks, and music from every direction! Surrounding the Burj are also mass lengths of water fountains, which also have water and music shows taking place.

If that’s not enough, throughout the city there are plenty of other opportunities to watch fireworks. Several other hotels such as the extravagant Atlantis hotel or the seven-star Burj Al Arab hotel hold elaborate shows for their guests to view firework shows. If you’re lucky enough to have relations with the royal family, and would like a more low-key viewing, there are various exclusive shows hosted mid-desert or at the Sheikh’s personal farms.

It’s never a dull moment in this city; at every corner you turn there is something extraordinary going on. People gather from all over the world and celebrate together regardless of age, race, and origin. You can be confident that if you’re visiting Dubai for the New Year, you will most definitely come across ways to have a good time.

Photo Credit: Samer Alabed

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