Culinary big hitters come out for Caviar and Cocktails

Dec 19 2017, 9:59 am

When you think of a food and cocktail nirvana, there are just a handful of restaurants that are doing it particularly well in the city. One reason to their success is the collaboration between the chef and cocktail mixologist. Not surprising, as the culinary and cocktail masterminds work hand-in-hand each day for every service to master their individual offerings and ensure they compliment one another.

So, what happens when you shake that up?


Caviar and Cocktails was the event that did just that. Coming together in the ‘spirit’ of collaboration, three eminent chefs and three illustrious bartenders showed guests what diverse pairings can be created when they broke away from their usual restaurant co-pilot and partnered with someone else.

The participants included YEW seafood + bar’s Ned Bell and Justin Taylor, West Restaurant + Bar‘s celebrated Executive Chef Quang Dang and award-winning mixologist David Wolowidnyk, as well as internationally-acclaimed Bittered Sling proprietors Jonathan Chovancek and Lauren Mote

The courses included:


First Course

Qualicum Scallops

Raw cauliflower, smoked sturgeon, Norther Divine Caviar, Camelina Oil, Lime

Divine North (cocktail)

Okanagan Aquavit, Lillet Blonde

Bittered Sling Orange & Juniper Bitters, Maple Essence, Toasted Coriander Tincture  


Second Course

Vancouver Island Sea Urchin

Ikura, Radishes, Charred Orange Dashi

Kanji Glyphs (cocktail)

Okanagan Spirits Gin, Gewürztraminer Grappa & Cherry Blossom

Dry Vermouth, Roasted Apricot, Meyer Lemon

Shangri Rhubarb Bitters


Third Course

Spiced Duck and Crab Consomme

Dungeness Crab & celeriac salad

Gochujang preserved duck egg, cow parsnips, roses

Devil’s Advocate (cocktail)

Okanagan  Spirits Whisky, Okangan Spirits Cherry Liqueur

Punte Mes, Aperol, Bittered Sling Denman

Lemon Oi, Absinthe Rinse


Fourth Course

Ling Cod & Pork Belly

Coconut caramel braised, soft poached quail egg

Basil, barrel aged fish sauce

Monsoon Sour (cocktail)

Okanagan Whisky, hint of caramel, Thai basil tincture

Sour syrup & ardbeg 10 beg


Fifth Course

Bison Ribs

Rye whiskey, maple & quince vinegar glazed

Cheesy corn souffle, onion confit, anise, egg yolk pudding

Rosales (cocktail)

Okanagan spirits canados, Okanagan spirits Old Italian

Prune + Framboise Eaux-du-Vie, vermouth, peach & quinine

Malagasy chocolate bitters 

Overall, a fantastic night and a big treat for diners and guests. Hope this is only phase one of many future collaborations to come.

Four Season’s YEW seafood + bar

West Restaurant + Bar

Bittered Sling

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