Thirsty crews battling B.C. wildfires getting emergency water from Labatt Beer

Dec 19 2017, 4:05 pm

Labatt Breweries of Canada is providing fresh drinking water to crews battling the many wildfires currently burning throughout B.C.


The company has shifted focus from beer to provide 48,000 cans of emergency drinking water to the thousands of residents and fire fighters affected by forest fires in Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Alberta. The company says they have the initial cans in a stockpile, but will produce additional water and ship as-needed.

Labatt says they are working with the B.C. government to deploy 11,000 24 can cases to areas in the province that are most in need.

“When we learn of a need like this one, we’re ready to deliver emergency drinking water instead of beer,” said Charlie Angelakos, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, in a press release.

“We want everyone in the area to know that our thoughts are with them as they seek safety and return the area to normal.”

The move is part of Labatt’s Disaster Relief Program, an initiative started in 2013 in response to the flooding in Alberta.

Last summer, Labatt provided Manitobans affected by flooding with emergency water supplies.

“Right now, Labatt’s priority is to leverage our systems and resources to get safe drinking water to the people and workers in affected areas of western Canada,” said Angelakos.

“It’s about people helping people and it’s a large coordinated effort for us to respond quickly. Our employees take a lot of pride in being able to help out,” adds Sharon Mackay, Director of Corporate Affairs for Labatt.