How to craft a local cheese board with BC beer and wine pairings

Aug 19 2020, 5:35 pm

The Perfect Pairings Series is an initiative by BC Dairy Association (BCDA), in partnership with Daily Hive, to highlight the amazing cheeses that are made in BC. 

Sweet dreams are made of cheese, who are we to disa-brie.

OK, we’ll stop with the cheese puns. Truth be told, we’re just excited to have discovered the expansive world of delicious cheese that exists right at home in BC. Naturally, we’re here to share our discoveries and teach you how to properly pair the most dynamic trio out there:¬†cheese, wine, and beer.

There are tons of local flavours waiting to be explored, and learning how to perfectly pair the texture, acidity, and sweetness of each of them is an rewarding endeavour — and one that’s likely to score you some serious brownie points at your next cheese night.

We’ve put together a virtual cheese, wine, and beer tour to inspire your next dinner party (and help fool your friends into thinking you’re a real cheese connoisseur).

Little Qualicum Cheeseworks


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Located in Parksville, these cheesemakers craft artisan cheese made from their own herd of grass-fed cows right on Vancouver Island. Their extensive lineup of cheese includes everything from feta to brie and Monterey.

Fresh soft cheeses, like the Island Brie, are an ideal pairing for crisp white wines, dry ros√©s, sparkling wines, and light-bodied reds. When it comes to finding the right beer, you’ll want to opt for something light, like a pilsner or a sour. These combinations will bring out the nuances of the cheese so they’re not overpowered.

Address: 403 Lowrys Road, Parksville
Phone: 250-954-3931

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Golden Ears Cheesecrafters


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Owned by two cheese-loving sisters, Emma and Jenna, this shop creates some of the best farm-to-table cheese around. Those who visit the farm will find a large window where they can witness the cheese being made; sharing the process and connecting their customers to the product is a source of pride for the siblings.

Their wide assortment of cheesy goodness includes everything from cheddar to Basler. If you’re in search of something with lots of flavour and personality, their Jersey Blue cheese has it in spades.

When selecting the right pairing to go along with the Jersey Blue, you’ll want to go for something with body and sweetness to balance out the savoury flavours of the cheese. Go for a robust drink, like a stout, when it comes to beer, and something¬†on the sweeter side, like a gewurztraminer, when choosing the right bottle of wine.

Address: 22270 128 Avenue, Maple Ridge
Phone: 604-467-0004

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Tantalus Vineyards


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Situated within the eastern slopes of the Okanagan Valley, the terrain has been blooming with grapes for nearly a hundred years. The vineyard crafts exceptional local wines with purely local ingredients for an authentically BC experience.

Their delicious offerings are predominantly made up of lighter-bodied wines, like rieslings, rosés, and pinot noirs. These wines are a match made in heaven for fresh and bloomy soft cheeses, like ricotta, mozzarella, burrata, feta, and brie. (Pro tip: Jerseyland Organics makes a mouthwatering block of feta).

You can also double-up on Okanagan Valley bounty with Poplar Grove’s Okanagan Double Cream Camembert. It’s the definition of soft and bloomy, with notes of white truffle.

Address: 1670 DeHart Road, Kelowna
Phone: 250-764-0078

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Field House Brewing


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This Fraser Valley brewery is in the business of crafting good beers and good times. Here you’ll find a unique take on classic beers with just about everything on tap — from easy-drinking ales to aged sours.

Pair their classic Field House IPA with a slice of sharp cheese, like the Charmesan from Golden Ears Cheesecrafters or The Farm House Natural Cheeses’¬†versatile Clothbound Cheddar, and you’ll discover a duo with lots of attitude. Lighter dry beers, like their House Lager, are also a perfect match for other medium-aged cheeses, like havarti, gouda, and young cheddars.

The brewery’s Salted Black Porter, with its rich sweetness, is the perfect companion to Upper Bench’s earthy Grey Baby blue cheese.

Address: 2281 W Railway Street, Abbotsford
Phone: 604-776-2739

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Feeling inspired to take out the cheeseboard and wine glasses to experience all the different tastes that exist locally? Throughout the month of August, select breweries and wineries across BC will be giving away local cheese with a qualifying purchase of wine or beer.

For dates, locations, and offer details — and to learn more about pairing local cheese, wine, and beers — visit¬†

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