Here’s how every star sign does their taxes according to the CRA, for some reason

Mar 11 2022, 5:07 pm

Have you ever wondered what your star sign has to do with doing taxes? Apparently, the Canada Revenue Agency has, and they’ve got an answer for you.

Whether you’re into horoscopes or not, you probably know that a generation (or two, or three) of people have been swept away by them. How many of us have asked our parents what time we were born just to get a full rundown of our birth chart?

For those who believe that the stars’ position in the sky defines our personalities, you might have wondered how your horoscope will impact you this tax season. Those well-versed in their sun signs may already have the answers to this, but if you’re not sure, the CRA has laid it out for you in a series of Instagram posts.

It might just be one of the most cringeworthy appeals to younger generations ever seen by a government agency in Canada, but who doesn’t like a little foresight?

Let’s start with the water signs, known for their emotional depth.

If you’re a Pisces, maybe you’ll do your taxes early. Born under the sun sign Cancer? Well, that may mean you held onto all of your receipts and documents. On the other hand, Scorpios will determinedly file in one go, according to the CRA.


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Listen, horoscopes are fun! They’re vague and open, and you can fit yourself into their little boxes if you feel so inclined. Who doesn’t like to look up at the night sky and wonder if there’s more to all of this?

With that in mind, are you still wondering how your taxes are going to turn out? Onto the fire signs, which are deemed to be generally bold and creative.

The CRA thinks that Aries has already filed, so if you’re reading this, Aries — did you? Leo’s dramatic nature may make filing an emotional roller coaster for some reason. Sagittariuses, on the other hand, will phone a friend for help.


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Are you an air sign? Known for their intellect and spontaneity, tax season could be a toss-up for you!

Gemini, according to the CRA, this is YOUR year to file all by yourself! We believe in you. Libra, you may just volunteer to help others do their taxes. And self-reliant Aquarius will be doing taxes all on their own.


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Finally, the earth signs. These signs are, according to star alignment enthusiasts, the most grounded of all.

A Taurus will schedule a date to do their taxes. A Virgo will make sure every detail lines up. The Capricorns among us will… stop at nothing to file their taxes.

As a non-believer who falls under the Virgo sun sign (which maybe is very Virgo of me, who knows!) I can tell you that I have no idea what I’m doing when I do my taxes and just keep hitting next until it’s over.

So, how does your sign file taxes?


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