COVID-19 cluster links close to 50 cases to Surrey school

Jan 4 2021, 8:44 am

A COVID-19 cluster is linking almost 50 cases to a high school in Surrey.

On Sunday, January 3, District Superintendent Jordan Tinney sent out a letter to the families and staff at Earl Marriott Secondary School, which is located on the border of South Surrey and White Rock.

Tinney says that at the start of winter break, the school had a number of COVID-19 notices issued, as well as “classes and individuals who were required to self-isolate over the holidays.”

In his January 3 update, Tinney explains that there have been “close to 50 cases linked to five different classes.”

He adds that the classes shared “common areas and structures,” noting that they were identified and put into self-isolation on December 23.

While self-monitoring letters have also been sent to other classes within the school, health authorities believe that “there was no further transmission beyond this core group.”

Tinney says that they are “implementing further health and safety measures” at Earl Marriott Secondary, reminding staff and families that it’s a requirement to do a daily health check and to wear masks while outside of learning groups.

Additionally, protocols are being adjusted around common staff spaces such as the staff room and offices, as well as practices in physical education classes.