Cougar spotted on Grouse Grind

Dec 19 2017, 10:03 pm

If you’re heading up the Grouse Grind this week, you may want to be on the lookout for a cougar spotted prowling around in the area.

Mike Danks with North Shore Rescue told Vancity Buzz there have been two sightings in the last two days, although the cougar did not make contact with any humans.

And while a cougar warning sign has been mounted at the entrance to the trail, the Grouse Grind is unlikely to close as yet.

Danks says although we don’t hear about cougar sightings on the Grouse Grind that often, it is not entirely “out of character” for Vancouver’s North Shore.

Meanwhile, North Shore Rescue are continuing their night patrols and Danks advises hikers to do the trail with a partner and make lots of noise on the hike.

Here’s some more advice from the B.C. Ministry of Environment:

If you see a cougar

  • Stay calm
  • Keep the cougar in view
  • Pick up children immediately
  • Back away slowly
  • Give the cougar a clear way to escape
  • Make yourself look as big as possible
  • Never run or turn your back on a cougar
  • Sudden movement or noise can provoke an attack

If a cougar follows you

  • Be aggressive
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Show your teeth
  • Make loud noises
  • Arm yourself with rocks or sticks

If a cougar attacks

  • Fight back
  • Act like a threat and not prey
  • Use anything you can as a weapon
  • Attack the cougar’s face and eyes
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