Corroded street lamp topples over onto road in Yaletown (PHOTOS)

Dec 19 2017, 4:44 pm

Here’s something that doesn’t happen everyday: a street lamp snapping off its foundation and falling onto the road.

This happened earlier this afternoon on the 1100 block of Homer Street in Yaletown, just across from the New Oxford tavern. Fortunately, nobody was injured in the incident, although one parked car was damaged by the three-storey tall pole’s fall.

Photos on social media show that the base of the street lamp was severely corroded. It should be noted that urine, usually from dogs, severely accelerates the development of rust at the base of street lamps.

City of Vancouver crews have arrived at the scene to start the process of removing the street lamp.

Earlier this week, a street lamp pole in San Francisco fell onto a car, narrowly missing the driver.

@cityofvancouver how often do these things fall over anyway? #publicsafety #rust #dogpee? #yaletown

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Watched this fall over in the rear view mirror. @cityofvancouver #yaletown #homerstreet

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This just happened. Rusted streetlight fell over. #Yaletown @vancitybuzz #vancouver

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