Coping with Vancouver's most depressing month

Dec 19 2017, 5:39 pm

People say February is Vancouver’s most depressing month. And, considering the amount of rain, ongoing stress at work and the failure of many well-intended New Year’s resolutions, there are lots of reasons to feel that way.

But did you know February is also when many Vancouverites suffer from Adrenal Fatigue? Your adrenal glands manage your body’s ability to cope with stress and depression, but when faced with constant grey skies, professional anxiety and the effects of seasonal change, they can also become overworked. And, if your adrenal glands get fatigued, they can’t support you like they’re supposed to.

Fortunately, a local company has developed a gluten-free, organic and vegan-friendly supplement to help overcome Adrenal Fatigue. Adren-Armour, developed by Vancouver-based EON Therapeutics, uses a blend of herbal ingredients called Adaptogens to help normalize stress hormones and reinforce natural adrenal function. It’s also great for your sex drive.

If you’re going to the Wellness Show this weekend in Vancouver, visit EON Therapeutics at Booth 723. Be sure to ask them lots of questions, and schedule a complementary ZYTO Scan to learn more about how you can naturally support your body’s health and wellness. They’ll also be doing product samples and prize giveaways throughout the show.

For more information about Vancouver-based EON Therapeutics, visit their website at


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