How this refreshing summer seltzer lets you give back to BC waters

Jul 8 2021, 7:47 pm

Summers in BC are synonymous with lakeside hangouts, catching up with friends over great-tasting drinks as the sun sets in a cloud-free sky, and camping under the stars in a dense old-growth forest.

Whether we’re exploring locally or a little beyond our doorsteps, we’re connected to and inspired by the wonders of nature. So, when we discovered that Coors Seltzer, an all-new and refreshing hard seltzer in delicious flavours, lets you give back to BC’s natural landscape, we were eager to learn more.

The naturally flavoured hard seltzer, which recently became available on liquor store shelves across the province in Black Cherry, Mango, Lemon Lime, and Grapefruit, was launched with a key mission: to help protect Canada’s lakes, rivers, and waterways.

To bring this initiative to life, Coors Seltzer has partnered with Change the Course (CtC), a program with a mission to help ensure clean and reliable water for rivers, lakes, commerce, and communities. Through the partnership, every 12-pack helps restore 1,000 litres of Canada’s waters.

Coors Seltzer 12-pack (Coors Seltzer)

It’s not often that we have the chance to stock our cooler box for summer adventures with drinks that help us give back to the vibrant waterways that meander through the beautiful province we call home, delivering clean water to surrounding communities and wildlife.

But Coors Seltzer makes this possible, and the hard seltzer brand is set to support — in the next year alone — on-the-ground CtC projects that have a goal of restoring two billion litres of water across four provinces in Canada. We’ll let that impact sink in for a moment.

Here in BC, the partnership will see Coors Seltzer support the Hanceville Fire Restoration project. Back in 2017, a devastating wildfire (most of which was a stand-destroying fire) burned approximately 240,000 hectares (590,000 acres) of forest in Hanceville, located in BC’s central interior, taking down Douglas fir and lodgepole pine tree populations.

As a result, the forest stand was negatively impacted, along with the surrounding soil, wildlife, riparian ecosystems, and water quality, which were also impaired. On top of the effect on the environment, the fire has hindered local Indigenous communities’ access and ability to hunt and gather food, and also impacted ranchers with the loss of grasslands for grazing.

Forest floor (One Tree Planted)

The area impacted by the Hanceville fire would take several decades to grow back to previous conditions if no action was taken. However, tree planting can help speed up the process of bringing the area back to a forested state.

Now, part of the sales of Coors Seltzer will go towards supporting One Tree Planted and its partner affiliates as they work to reforest areas impacted by the Hanceville fire — by planting trees in a high-priority area, called the Mule Deer Winter Range (MDWR).

This reforestation site will impact and protect the health of BC’s Chilcotin River, which flows into the Fraser River Basin and plays a vital role in the surrounding community.

Coors Seltzer can (One Tree Planted)

“We like to say that Coors Seltzer presents the easiest volunteer program,” said Ava Gladman, brand manager. “And while we say that in a light-hearted way, we actually really are making a difference here in British Columbia with the help of people who love sipping on a good hard seltzer.”

If you’re keen to help Coors Seltzer with its restoration efforts in BC, simply visit your local alcohol retailer to pick up a pack of Coors Seltzer. And if giving back even more is something you’d be interested in, you can learn more about becoming an ambassador with One Tree Planted here.

For more information about the Hanceville Fire Restoration project as it progresses, visit

For every pack of Coors Seltzer printed in Canada, Molson Coors Beverage Company will fund projects administered by Change The Course designed to help restore Canada’s waters. Each 12-pack or “12-pack equivalent” (4260 ml) equates to 1,000 litres of water restored. Find more details at and 

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