10 cool Instagram travel photographers to follow

Dec 19 2017, 11:50 am

A picture is worth 1,000 words. A telegram is a brief, essential message. Put the two together and you have Instagram — the best place to find talented travel photographers.

With each photo they snap, a travel photographer on Instagram sends you a digital postcard saying, “This is why you want to be here.”

Here are 10 Instagram travel photographers scattered throughout the world who will inspire you to pack your bags and discover somewhere new.

Their themes range from wistful and wild nature to never ending road trips, hip urban snapshots and glimpses of nomadic travels farther afield than most of us will ever get. Some are pros who get paid the big bucks; others are just living on the cheap and adventuring out of their car.

What do they have in common? The technical skills that enable them to perfectly capture a single moment, and the je ne sais quoi that makes us want to join them in that location in that exact moment.

10 Cool Instagram Travel Photographers to Follow


Instagram travel photographers

Vancouverites Jill and Kyla quit their jobs, sold their stuff and hit the road in a freshly re-pimped trailer named Bobby Jean to take the great American road trip. Their photos are evocative, witty and often straight-up beautiful. Since they set out, they’ve hit states including California, Utah, New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana. As their fame grows, they’ve received invites to venture abroad; we’ve spotted them in Dominica, Italy and the UK.


Instagram travel photographers

Maurice Li is a pro photographer and Vancouverite who is fascinated with angles, patterns and geometry — both man-made and from the wonder of nature. His Instagram feed is a testament to the art of composition. Canadian landscapes and buildings seem to arrange their beauty for his lens.


Instagram travel photographers

Although NYC-basd pro photographer Sam Horine works for big shots like Sony, Rémy Martin and Hudson Jeans, he uses his personal Instagram account for photos he takes on the go moving between locations. From the market halls in Vienna to aerials of Istanbul the bridges of Brooklyn, his diverse photo stream capture a singular love of the medium.


Instagram travel photographers

A true photojournalist, Michael’s photos are taken on assignment in places like Syria, China, Libya, the Congo. His images go beyond aesthetics to tell stories, sometimes of conflict. No matter what he shoots, it’s powerful stuff. He excels at human portraits.


Instagram travel photographers

Whether he’s snapping the Eiffel Tower or a swim at the Izu Islands, just off the coast of Tokyo (where he’s based), photographer Hiroaki Fukuda’s approachable but minimalist images never fail to produce extreme wanderlust.


Instagram travel photogrpahers

An incurable wanderer, this ex-Ralph Lauren designer has an eye for whimsy. His photos show playing, surfing, snowboarding and hanging out, all within amazing scenery, while traveling North America in his VW Campervan.


Instagram travel photographers

Rishad Daroo is a Vancouver-based travel photographer who shoots Canada and Asia. He believes that photography is as much about good light as it is good subject matter. He looks for soft light when he shoots, and tries to compose his images around symmetry. His brooding shots of B.C.’s wild landscape are as eye-grabbing as his vibrant peeks in to the spice markets of India. No matter what he shoots, the final product has a sense of calm.


Instagram travel phtoographers

Andrew Evans is National Geographic’s digital nomad, who does all his posts live from the road. If you crave colour, he’s your man. He’s also good at capturing a sense of history and the occasional friendly dog.


Instagram travel photography

Cool hues and grand vistas dominate Finn Beales’ Instagram account, as he moves between locations including St. Lucia, Wales, Denmark, Italy and more. The landscapes have the potential to evoke nostalgia for a place you’ve never been. He includes his family, from time to time, giving his travels a cozy touch.


Instagram travel photographers

Julie Falconer is a London-based travel writer  who writes the award-winning travel blog, A Lady in London. Originally from San Francisco, Julie came to London in 2007 and has since traveled to over 90 countries. Her best work? Her shots of hidden London, and food. The lady knows that a key aspect of travel is eating well.


Instagram travel photographers

Yes, this is #11. I wanted to share my own Instagram account. As a pro travel writer, I am always on the road with my husband and our two small children. We traveled far and wide before kids; having small folks has helped us slow down and treasure the in-between moments.

My photos are family travel photos from all over Canada, the US, Europe and Africa. I capture our small folks discovering new things, breathtaking nature and lots of tempting food porn.

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