159-page Conservative platform promise 1.3 million new jobs by 2020

Dec 19 2017, 5:54 pm

The Conservative Party of Canada released its official platform this morning during an event in Richmond, B.C. The 159-page document outlines Conservative Party promises, with a focus on a balanced budget, job creation, lower taxes, expanded trade, and supporting families and seniors.

The platform includes the promise of 1.3 million net jobs by 2020, which would be achieved by expanding and promoting apprenticeship job creation tax credits, creating training programs with the trades industries, implementing loan systems for people seeking trades education, working with the school system to develop curriculum tailored to job skills, support skill and employment training programs in Aboriginal communities, and programs to help disabled Canadians find work.

Other notable aspects of the platform include:

  • Lower taxes for small businesses
  • Improving geographic distribution of immigrants in Canada
  • Reforming the Temporary Foreign Worker Program to prevent abuses
  • Increase First Time Home Buyers’ Plan by 40%
  • Add 700,000 new homeowners by 2020
  • Provide tax relief for widowed and single seniors
  • Enact “Declared Areas,” making is a crime for Canadians to travel to areas where terrorists are active
  • Continue to participate in coalition against ISIS
  • Enact “Life Means Life” legislation, removing chance of parole for certain criminals

The document includes direct criticism of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s campaign opponents.

A section detailing tougher laws on criminal sentencing contained this particular passage:

“Justin Trudeau’s only criminal justice priority is to change the law to allow the sale of marijuana in corner stores, making it more accessible to our children. And the NDP has a dangerous, ideology-driven criminal justice policy that puts the so-called “rights” of criminals ahead of the rights of victims. The soft-on-crime NDP have consistently opposed serious penalties for dangerous offenders.”

The full document, along with a costing plan, can be found on the Conservative Party of Canada’s website.