Conquer your New Year’s money resolutions with 5 simple steps

Dec 20 2017, 3:32 am

“Save more, spend less.” It’s a cliché that you’ve probably heard before, one that you might even be trying to follow as, like many of us, you try and whip your finances into shape for the New Year.

But whilst the old adage is pretty well known, it’s actually not very effective. So, if you’re sick and tired of the same old money saving advice then you might just be interested in this new series of financial videos. Crafted by Justin Lee, an SFU accounting grad, the easy to understand videos mix simple advice with a dash of humour, to encourage smart spending habits.

Check out the videos below for a step-by-step guide to shaping up your finances in 2016.

1. Set realistic goals

[youtube id=”9XsQgIA60UI”]

Learn how to set realistic financial goals.

Compare the prices of all the different items. For example, a $5,000 car and $30,000 car represents two incredibly different goals. Putting this into perspective will help you prioritize your monetary missions.

2. Budget without losing your mind

[youtube id=”zSBXgqHoXBY”]

2016 is the perfect year for ditching your budget-phobia. Put the brakes on any old Excel spreadsheets and use the Young Guys Finance ‘Money Gameplan’ that’s helped hundreds of people stay on track with their financial goals. It’s a realistic and helpful tool that provides a bird’s eye view of personal spending habits so you know exactly what to expect within one year.

3. Pick the perfect credit card

[youtube id=”ah5g1eEP44k”]

A credit card can make or break anyone’s financial plans, but using a smart strategy encourages results. This video explains how to capitalize on a credit card by using cash back and reward points options. It’s a great go-to for learning how to choose the right credit card from the masses of flexible friends that are on offer.

4. Understand investment products without the weird words

[youtube id=”3PRyNFCVSk4″]

This video cuts out the weird financial terms that are often thrown around and gets straight to the point. It’s a simple crash course for anyone looking to dip their toes into the investment pool.

5. Choose the right investment account 

[youtube id=”XS4kIJnfw8s”]

RRSP or TFSA? This is one a common question for anyone looking to make their first investment. This video explains the difference between these accounts so you can make the right decision and rest at ease.

Follow these five simple steps to help achieve your financial goals for 2016. Stay on track for the rest of the year by subscribing to Young Guys Financial, the source that helps convert goals into cold hard cash.

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