Concert Review: Childish Gambino at the PNE Forum

Dec 19 2017, 10:34 am

Childish Gambino’s last stop on his Deep Web Tour hit Vancouver on Sunday night, where his energy electrified the sold-out PNE Forum. The stage, beautifully set up with two major chandeliers on either side of it, exploded with lights once Gambino hit the stage- and the visual displays were constantly changing throughout the evening.

For those unfamiliar with Gambino, he’s also known as actor/comedian Donald Glover- Troy Barnes on NBC series Community. His rap career started with several mixtapes before releasing “Camp”, his first studio album, in 2011. Last year, he released “Because The Internet”, and embarked on the Deep Web Tour this year. At his show this weekend, it was clear his Vancouver fans have been following him since his mixtape days.

The stage had a full band, and a very energetic Glover was constantly walking, jumping and running across from one side of the stage to the other. Opening with songs like “Playing around Before the Party Starts, and “Worldstar” were enough to get the crowd psyched, but throughout the set his visuals added to the excitement. Prior to “The Worst Guys”, the lights dimmed and the bright stage visuals showed a very suggestive image, and Glover simply said, “This song is about sex.” His voice simply met with a loud cheer, as he began to sing.

[youtube id=”7xv30Ql-oIY” mode=”normal”]

Glover’s crowd interaction was maintained throughout his set, and was always met with enthusiasm from his fans. “Put your hands up if you know this,” he told the crowd, as he dove into his single, “Sweatpants”. And hands were definitely up. The beauty of Glover’s set was in how he managed to get everyone dancing, even during his slower jams like “Urn” and “Pink Ties.” As the intro began for “3005”, he asked the Vancouver fans to start singing- and they happily did. He ended his main set with “Earth: The Oldest Computer (The Last Night),” before his first encore, which was mostly songs from his mixtapes and from “Camp”. Fans were very receptive, and continued to sing, especially during “Heartbeat”- probably his most popular single to date. His encore also included other old favourites like “Bonfire.”

Following his encore, Glover returned to the stage once again and spoke to the crowd, “We’ve been on the road for a long time, and I can’t think of a better place to end the tour than Vancouver,” he said. He continued to say that he had nothing planned for another encore, so he decided to freestyle about Vancouver for his final minutes on stage. “Vancouver, I F*cking love you so much right now,” Glover said before leaving the PNE, “I’ll see you next year.”