Hot accessory alert: Someone turned their Compass minis into earrings (VIDEO)

Dec 9 2019, 4:29 pm

The release of TransLink’s Compass Mini caused quite the stir in Metro Vancouver.

Transit users stood in long lines last week for hours trying to get their hands on the Baby Yoda-sized version of the traditional Compass pass. Some even took to Craigslist to upsell the mini passes for up to $50.

Others even got creative with their miniature passes — like one woman who made them into this season’s hottest fashion accessory: Compass Mini earrings.

Reddit user smarieannachu posted a video of herself on Reddit wearing the makeshift earrings, which actually appear to be key rings attached to her ear.

compass mini earrings

smarieannachu/ Reddit

compass mini earrings

smarieannachu/ Reddit

“Got my hands on the hottest accessory drop of the season,” she wrote.

Got my hands on the hottest accessory drop of the season from r/vancouver

Forget the latest sneaker designer sneaker drop, Compass Minis are so hot right now. Wear them as earrings, a necklace, glue one on to a hair clip, stick one on a ring — the possibilities are endless.

In all seriousness though, it’s best to keep your Compass Mini on your keychain so that it can be accessed easily and you’ll be able to avoid any strange looks from people on the street.

TransLink’s announcement of the Compass Mini comes just over one year after the wristbands were released to the general public. When the wristbands were released in early December 2018, only 2,000 were made available, and they sold out within hours.