You can now compare rent prices across Canada in real-time

Aug 7 2019, 7:35 pm

If one thing’s for certain, renting in Canada’s largest cities doesn’t come cheap. Not only that, deciding where to live is a challenge in itself.

Besides factoring in where you can afford to live, but you also need to compare what rent will be for your desired living situation, for example, if you need a one-bedroom, space for a roommate, or even a family.

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But thankfully RentSeeker has created a tool that compares rent prices across major Canadian cities in real-time so you can make more accurate and informed decisions when it comes time to decide where to rent.

The platform, which manually updates in real-time, compares the average rent in Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, Mississauga, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver and provides average rental costs for studios, one-bedrooms, two-bedrooms, and three-bedrooms.

According to a spokesperson for RentSeeker, whenever someone updates their listing prices or if anyone adds a new listing with a new price, the platform incorporates the pricing into the algorithm and it updates automatically.

This means that the prices are as accurate and current as possible, providing a great tool and reference for renters.

Here’s a look at what rental prices currently are in Canada’s largest cities.


rent prices



rent prices


According to RentSeeker, the most affordable city to rent a one-bedroom is currently in Calgary, where rent averages at $1,137, compared to Toronto, which is the most expensive city for a one-bedroom, averaging at $1,816 per month.

Calgary is also currently the cheapest city to rent a two-bedroom, with average monthly rent sitting at $1,225, compared to the most expensive city, Vancouver, where a two-bedroom is $2,194 a per month.

All numbers are accurate as of August 7, 2019. 

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