Here's what you need to know about BC’s most inspiring community event

Aug 27 2019, 11:39 am


There are few things more rewarding than bonding with others, especially when that bonding takes place over food.

And what’s the cherry on top of a great meal? Great conversation.

At On the Table, an annual event initiated by the Vancouver Foundation, you’re invited to host a conversation about what really matters to you over a meal with friends, family, colleagues, or even people you’ve never had a conversation with before.

If you’re the resident dinner party, brunch, or backyard barbecue host in your group of friends, this is the perfect opportunity for you to show off your hosting skills — and for a great cause!

On the Table

The event helps people connect with one another and address the growth of social isolation in their communities. On the Table comes out of Vancouver Foundation’s own research, which found that social isolation is a serious threat to our city. It’s time to build a community where everyone can feel a sense of belonging!

The great news is, anybody can take part! All you have to do is register to host an On the Table event on their website. Hosts can choose their own venue and what food they’d like to share with the group, whether it’s an elaborate dinner or a casual chat over coffee and pastries.

Or, you can even attend an On the Table event hosted by somebody else. It’s all about connecting with others through conversation.

On the Table

If you’re ready for a fun, meaningful opportunity to come together with people in your community and share your thoughts with each other, then host an On the Table event this September!

What food and thoughts will you put On the Table this year? For more information about On the Table and to register your event today, visit

On The Table 2019

When: September 26

Where: Check On the Table website for events in your area

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