Coming Out: life after high school - it's true, it gets better

Dec 19 2017, 11:30 am

A few weeks ago, we invited Vancity Buzz readers who identify as LGBT to submit their own ‘coming out’ stories as a way of empowering and inspiring others who may be struggling with their own sexuality.

The eighth submission of our reader-submitted coming out stories during Vancouver Pride Week 2014 is anonymous.

anonymous male

Age: 19
Occupation: Production Assistant

Hey everyone! So for me coming out wasn’t something I was always keen on doing. I grew up in Saskatchewan and for me it was very pressed to act & be straight, but I always had a feeling I was a little different and I never saw anything wrong with that. As I grew up, it became more and more obvious that I wasn’t attracted to girls.

In grade 9, I had my first kiss with a guy and I was overjoyed that I had someone I could share this experience with, but sadly I was wrong. Still not feeling it was wrong to be gay I told everyone in our school about our kiss, to which he denied and sad that I was sick minded, along with telling people stuff I told him in confidence. After this I started to realize being gay wasn’t as accepting as I thought.

By the time grade 12 rolled around, I was comfortable with who I was, just not really telling people anymore. In my final English class we had to write essays and it could be about any topic, so I wrote about myself. The essay was corny and basic but it got across a point I had thought my whole like “There is nothing wrong with me”.

At the beginning of Grade 12 I had already decided upon a school in Vancouver. So during that September of 2012, I moved out here. My dad moved with me but my mom stayed in Saskatchewan. Before I left I decided it was time to have the chat with her.

Being close with my mom, I knew that she knew and so it was very brief “Mom, I’m gay”. “Yeah honey I know, want to go to Applebees for lunch?”. It was that simple.

To this day I love that conversation. Now it’s 2014, and I live in Vancouver. I am pretty open with people about my sexuality, even had a friend come-out herself to me because she felt comfortable. The only person who still doesn’t know is my father, its just something we have never felt the need to talk about, we both keep out romantic lives out of each others life.

Even though I’m only 19, I feel I have dealt with a range of stuff people deal with when coming out, the struggle, bullying, losing friends, gaining friends and so on… If you are still worried about how people might react, that’s not important, of course be safe but also be yourself. There is nothing wrong with being LGBT especially in today’s world!

– anonymous male


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