Vancouver video production agency drops hilarious promo video

Aug 20 2019, 4:22 pm

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, this is what happens when you allow a group of creatives at a digital agency to get ahold of a green screen.

Enthusiasm? Check.

Alfred Hitchcock and Stranger Things references? Double-check.

Brace yourselves for something you’ve literally never seen before (and turn your volume down, there’s shouting — lots of it).

…yeah. Let that sink in for a moment.

What they say is true: a picture (or video, rather) really does speak a thousand words. So don’t worry if you’ve been struggling to find the most effective way to communicate what your business does — simply leave it to the experts.

Colony Digital is an in-house creative agency. What does that mean? They’re there for you through every step of the marketing process, from collaboration, to ideation, to the execution of your business goals and objectives. Now that’s what we call some serious dedication!

The agency doesn’t just do branding, web, and digital advertising, though; they also offer photography and videography services.

In the two short years since they launched, Colony has worked with a plethora of prominent clients including Rosewood Hotels, Kater, Donnelly Group, Vitasave, and R3P Life, among others. Whatever your objectives, they’ll exceed your creative expectations — and these videos prove why.

For more information, or to bring about on your brand’s own digital revolution, visit today (or call them, you choose).

Colony Digital is a subsidiary of Buzz Connected Media

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