Cole Sprouse clashes with busker who delays 'Riverdale' filming (VIDEO)

Jul 13 2017, 10:17 pm

Riverdale filmed scenes inside the Vancouver Art Gallery Thursday night but the production was marred as some of the cast clashed with a busker who was performing outside.

Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart, who play Jughead and Betty on the hit CW show, came out in full costume to speak with a busker who was disrupting filming.

The stars asked the busker, who is a regular on the corner of Robson and Hornby, whether she could stop playing “for an hour” in order for the cast and crew to wrap their scenes.

During the confrontation that was caught on camera, Sprouse addresses the crowd and while his comments are not entirely audible in the clip the words “scam artist” and “compensation” can clearly be heard.

Taking exception to the actor’s comments the busker can be heard over her microphone saying:

“I’m going to interrupt you — I play here regularly. Regularly, everyday.”

“So you guys came into where I perform?” she continues. “So you can’t call me a scam artist because you guys came into where I perform.”

Despite the cast and crew’s pleas, comments online seem to indicate that the busker continued to perform despite their protests.

Sprouse got a measure of revenge later in the evening however.

A video posted to Twitter later on in the evening showed Cole snapping one of the busker’s CD’s which fans had bought for him as an outlet for his anger.


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