An insider look at CodeCore's Coding Bootcamp

Dec 19 2017, 9:45 am

Coding is a word that is being thrown around a lot these days but for many people, it’s still a completely foreign concept. Curiosity has its ways these days and thanks to new coding bootcamps starting to take over Vancouver, people are diving into it more and more.

I have been present at some of CodeCore Bootcamp classes the last few weeks and had the pleasure of getting to know some of the brave souls who have completely dove into an intensive 8-week course, here is some insight of where they all come from, and how they best want to utilize these acquired new powers.


Name: Mohammed Hammami

Occupation(s): Medical Devices TroubleShooter

Educational and Professional Background: Industrial Engineering, Electronics Design

Kelly Waters

Name: Kelly Waters

Occupation(s): Freelance Graphic and Concept Designer –

Educational and Professional Background: SFU – Interactive Art and Technology – B. Sc. in Design and Media Arts


Name: Brandon Ricci

Occupation(s): IT Management / Programming student

Educational and Professional Background: IT Networking Education and work experience


Name: Jef Curtis

Occupation(s): Right now I’m a proud owner of a small business with my wife Rosa. It’s a dog hiking business that focuses on all day adventure hikes and photography.

Educational and Professional Background: BCIT night courses and many years working in restaurants in many positions from owner/ operator, manager, bartender and plenty of positions in the kitchen.

1. Why did you decide to code with Codecore?

Mohammed: I want to learn new skills for tech industry. WorkBC has a Skills Upgrade program that I have applied for to fund my course.

Kelly: I am a very curious person, and I want to find out what makes the things I use work. I appreciate new concepts and ideas in education, so I am excited to partake in the beginning of this organization, and look forward to hopefully working with them more in the future.

Brandon: Because the website looked awesome, also I was referred by a friend. I was looking for programming education and BCIT didn’t offer any programming courses that were available in the time frame I was looking for.

Jef:  I’ve designed many websites over the years while working in the previously mentioned fields but was always hitting a wall when my skills couldn’t match my vision. I learned about CodeCore through my brother in law (who happens to be a teacher at CodeCore!) and was very interested in the idea of “jump starting” my learning.


2. What is the most valuable things you have learned so far?

  • New programming languages like Ruby on Rails, HTML, and CSS
  • Learning new real world techniques that were not taught at University
  • How to apply an idea in your head to an actual website!

“Applying what I have learned immediately…[to] make the process that much more effective when you are implementing skills as soon as you use them. This also forces you to understand what exactly it is that you are doing.”


3. Who would you recommend to do this class and why?

Mohammed: It’s an awesome program and they put in the time to help me learn. They also help with getting us on the right track to a future career.

Kelly: I would recommend this class to any of my designer friends who want to learn how to code. I think it is possible to learn all of these things yourself, but when you are put into a bootcamp atmosphere and are allowed to access proven professionals for guidance and tutoring, it excels that learning immensely.

Brandon: I would recommend it to any technical person who is interested in programming, because the instructors are excellent and the content is very fresh and relevant to the industry.

Jef: Anyone that is ready and committed to learning moreFrom my experience CodeCore will open you up to the world of coding and the possibilities that brings.


4. How do you plan to utilize these skills in the future?

Mohammed: I would like to get a junior developer position in a future company and possibly start my own business.

Kelly: I want to get a job as a UX Designer at a top design firm, and use my new programming skills combined with my design skills to contribute to my team in a strong way. As well, I have several website ideas that I want to develop and release on my own, with the help of some friends.

Brandon: Become a programmer in the ruby on rails language and gain employment, also set up and run my own web application;

Jef: I plan to continue to gain knowledge in all the fields that we’ve be introduced to and to continue to apply them to future open source applications. I would love to start working for a company looking for junior developers that are ready and wiling to grow with them.


Key Points
  • People join bootcamps like CodeCore because they want to expand their horizons and grow to the next level. Many learned the basics at University and want to learn it all to enter a junior developer position or start their own company. Some have come in with very little (or zero) coding experience and want to add this skill to their existing arsenal of things in the creative or business spheres.
  • They go in-depth into Ruby on Rails after foundation languages. By the end of it, they will be able to do more than build a great blog. In fact they walk out with the ability to create full scale applications such as Twitter or Groupon if they had the time A lot of these skills are ones not currently taught in school and for those that always have great ideas but have no idea how to get started – this is your answer.
  • The application of coding can be used for various professions and startup companies. In simple terms, knowing how to code gets you a close guarantee of a great job. With tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter (who knows for how long), they are gunning for top tech talent so here is your chance to join that pool.

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As a non-technical cofounder at Tangoo, I have seen firsthand how important it is to familiarize oneself with coding. Even if it’s solely to better understand how your technical cofounder thinks. There is a lot of value in learning this skill to best manage them and integrate your business ideas with technology.

Like many other busy people out there who cannot commit to full-time classes, I will be starting CodeCore Fundamentals part-time coding classes this weekend. These are held Sunday all day and Wednesday evenings.

A final note from the Founders and Teachers of CodeCore:

Anyone can learn to code but not everyone can learn on their own. Founded by industry veterans who wanted to pass on their experience, our program gives them the chance to learn. We do this through hands-on training with feedback in an intensive environment. In fact CodeCore’s students learn in a few weeks what may take someone a year to learn on their own!