Downtown Eats: Coast

Dec 19 2017, 4:51 am

Looking for a great seafood spot on Alberni? Try Coast. If you’ve got a hankering for pastas and paninis, head to Italian Kitchen across the street. See previous IK post.

Coast has a four lunch boxes for just $13.50. There is the Fish and Chips Box, (with a wedge salad & New England clam chowder) the Shrimp Wrap Box (with tuna sashimi & Manhattan clam chowder), a Smoked Salmon Sushi box (with soba salad & miso soup) as well as an Oyster Po Boy Box (with fish chowder, Caesar salad & fries). If you want to switch to different chowders, they are quite happy to accommodate.
Downtown Eats: Coast
The meal started off with a crostini amuse bouche, topped with some smoked salmon and red onion. Fresh! It’s these little extras that keep me coming back.

Here is a shot of the fish and chips box, I know the fish looks a bit small, this was an aerial shot and it is really bigger than it looks. The wedge salad was really nicely done too. When you add the soup, salad and fries, this is a filling meal.

My Shrimp Wrap Box is amazing. It’s my go-to here at Coast. And I did switch the chowder to the New England (white) version. It arrives piping hot and super creamy. Next, I dove into the the tuna sashimi. It’s really fresh, and the texture is perfectly balanced against the shredded veggies.

The shrimp wrap is phenomenal; the cocktail shrimp is mixed with a bit of mayonnaise and rolled into the naan with some watercress and other greens. And amazingly, it is still good the next day. How do I know? I never finish the second half, and always end up taking it home.

Written By: Grace Cheung (@GraceCheung604)

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