Close encounter with 1,000 dolphins off the Gulf Islands (VIDEO)

Dec 19 2017, 4:43 pm

Passengers onboard a B.C. Ferries sailing on October 31 were treated to a special sight when a pod of approximately 1,000 dolphins began to swim alongside the ferry vessel.

The unique sighting occurred on the Gulf Islands to Tsawwassen route during the afternoon. The vessel’s lucky passengers first saw a pod of orca whales before the dolphin phenomenon began.

Pacific White-sided dolphins are common in these waters, but pods of this massive size rarely occur off the B.C. coast. Typical dolphin pods travel in sizes of 50 to 200, but elsewhere in the world there have been reports of pod sizes of as large as 2,000. The size of the dolphin pod could be a good indication that there’s plentiful food in these waters; it’s a good sign of a healthy ecosystem and clean waters.

This video of the dolphin ‘swim-by’ was taken by Rob Maguire:

[youtube id=”YjYDFHQdiwc” align=”center”]

Image: Rob Maguire

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