Clearly Canadian: This water's comeback is as big as 90s hair

Jun 12 2017, 11:26 pm

Ah, the 90s. Day-glo leggings, high-waisted jeans, and big bangs were all the rage, and we were Rollerblading in our bike shorts while listening to “Baby Got Back” on our Discmans. And we were swilling Clearly Canadian, the sparkling fruit-flavoured water in the tear-drop shaped glass bottles, by the truckload.

The drink, made with Canadian spring water and natural flavourings, was at the forefront of the “New Age” beverage movement, and was extremely popular, even inspiring off-shoot brands and flavours (anyone remember Orbitz, with those weird little balls floating around?).

But Clearly Canadian disappeared from store shelves, leaving a fresh generation thirsty for the coolest drink of yesteryear. Clearly Canadian went out of production in 2009, but a movement hit the web in 2013 to get the drink back onto store shelves.

By 2015, a crowdfunding campaign  linked fans with their wish to bring the beverage back. In late April 2017, Clearly Canadian was still  working on fulfilling the pre-orders placed online from die-hard fans, and they were continuing to secure retail distributors.

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In their most recent update, the new Clearly Canadian revealed that they had got the product on the shelves at Cost Plus World Market and 7-Eleven Canada on this side of the border, and at one US retailer, Hy-Vee stores.

So now we’re seeing the drink on store shelves, and cracking open the bottles and sipping our way back to the past, to a more innocent time…and enjoying the flavours of Orchard Peach, Mountain Blackberry, Country Raspberry, and Wild Cherry sparkling water once again.

People are legit freaking out. It’s kind of awesome.

There baaaack!! #clearlycanadian #finally #addicted #711

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When nostalgia and trouvaille meet #ClearlyCanadianIsBack #ClearlyCanadian

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Now, Clearly Canadian wants to warn us all, this crazy good thing isn’t a guarantee. It went away before, and it could go away again.

“Let us be clear – by no means is Clearly Canadian completely out of the woods. Showing these early adopter retailers Clearly Canadian’s community is large and sustainable is important to our long-term viability,” they wrote on Facebook.

So go. Go get some Clearly Canadian, and sip your way back to the 90s. Just maybe skip the hairspray and Hammer pants, mmkay?

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