City of Vancouver launches coronavirus community support initiative

Apr 2 2020, 11:26 am

The city has launched Give a Hand Vancouver, an online initiative dedicated to accepting community offers from businesses and organizations in an effort during the pandemic.

In a release, the city said the program takes its name from Vancouver’s nightly 7 pm cheer for healthcare professionals and frontline workers. The website invites businesses and organizations to donate or provide low-cost offers on services and large-quantity materials, such as medical supplies, cleaning products, and food.

Ensuring that all offers are received through one central source better equips the city to receive and deploy the services and materials.

“In true Vancouver fashion, businesses, organizations, and individuals are asking what they can do to help,” said Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart.

“[The initiative is] an easy way to let us know if you have materials, supplies, or services to contribute. If you think you can help, I invite you to join in and help fight for our city.”

“In the few weeks since COVID-19 was first identified in Vancouver, we’ve received numerous offers of equipment, space, time and other supports from organizations city-wide,” said Vancouver’s COVID-19 Task Force Chief Darrell Reid. “To watch our residents band together in this time of crisis has been inspiring.”

While Give a Hand Vancouver is specifically directed toward businesses and organizations, the website also includes information about how individuals can contribute smaller-scale donations. Those who have the resources to contribute financially are encouraged to make donations to the Vancouver Foundation’s Community Response Fund.