City Lights - Fitness & health tips with Rosette at Grouse Mountain

This is one of the most action packed, exhilarating and adrenaline pumping episodes of the season.

In this episode join host Natalie Langston as she embarks on the Grouse Grind, zip-lining and even paragliding down the face of Grouse Mountain with recording artist Rosette.

Known for her singles Crushed, One Wish, and Delirious, Rosette has just come off of partnering with music producer Timbaland recording her newest single Amnesia, which can be heard over the airwaves across Canada and now on the international scale as well. She has been signed to Ultra Records and is about to work with Benny Benassai on her next collaboration. With all her success, it doesn’t leave a lot of time to workout. She tells us how she stays in shape, living with such a demanding schedule.

Rosette’s trainer, Karen Dande also gives us a bit of a workout with biometric exercises, perfect for a busy, hectic lifestyle.

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