City crews ready equipment and salt for snowy forecast

Dec 19 2017, 9:02 am

The cold weather has arrived in Vancouver and snow is in the forecast for the Lower Mainland next week.

Snow removal Vancouver

The City of Vancouver takes snow removal seriously and has a comprehensive snow plan. When snow hits, crews make consistent, coordinated efforts to keep main throughways clear, including bus routes, bridges, and arterials.

City crews have equipment ready and overnight staff scheduled in readiness for the icy weather. The City has 30 trucks ready to respond and a mountain of salt available to apply to streets to help keep major routes and hills as passable as possible.

If snow accumulations materialize, personnel will be out before dawn to clear snow from major routes, on-street storm drains, and sidewalks in key areas.

What the city clears:

  • Bus routes
  • Arterial roadways
  • Collector roadways
  • Bridges
  • Major collector streets
  • Emergency access routes (and five major hospitals)
  • Bike lanes

What you can do if you drive:

  • Do not try to drive on a street if it is blocked off with barricades. Please leave the barricades in place.
  • If possible, avoid driving until conditions have improved; transit routes are among the priority routes to be plowed.
  • If your car is on a major street, move it (if possible) to a side street. This will help City staff in plowing major arterial streets more effectively.
  • You can use studded tires/chains between 1 October and 30 April .

Visit the ICBC website for tips on driving in poor conditions

Help clear snow and ice from sidewalks

The public plays a large role in keeping Vancouver sidewalks clear. Snow and ice on the sidewalk can be a barrier for many people, particularly seniors and people with disabilities. A single portion of a sidewalk that is not cleared can negate the clearing efforts of the rest of the residents on the whole block.

The City encourages you to lend a hand to those who are unable to shovel their own sidewalks, and adopt the sidewalk of a senior neighbour or person with a mobility issue and keep it clear of snow and ice all winter long.

When you need to clear snow and ice from your sidewalk to avoid the risk of a fine

All Vancouver property owners and occupants (tenants) are responsible for clearing snow and ice from the full width of sidewalks that surround their property by 10:00 a.m. on the morning following a snowfall. This responsibility is in effect seven days a week. Property owners and occupants who fail to remove snow and ice may be subject to fines.

Please also take a moment to clear any snow and leaves away from any street storm drains so runoff water can flow freely into the storm drain system and prevent flooding.

Report a problem on City property

To report problems on City property, please call 3-1-1 or 604-873-7000.




Source/Images: City of Vancouver