Christy Clark not participating in Yoga Day on Burrard Bridge

Dec 19 2017, 3:39 pm

After much controversy surrounding the closure of the Burrard Bridge for International Yoga Day, Premier Christy Clark announced she won’t be participating in the event.


Clark tweeted out her decision, saying “it’s not about politics” as her explanation for her absence.

People on Twitter were critical of Clark’s decision to have the event on the bridge and then not participate in the festivities.


Clark came under fire yesterday for another tweet that she described as “a bit of self-deprecating humour” that read “Hey Yoga Haters – bet you can’t wait for international Tai Chi day.”

Aboriginal groups are planning on protesting the event since it falls on the same day as National Aboriginal Day. The total cost for the “Om The Bridge” event will be $150,000.