Christy Clark and son going to India on Boxing Day to build school in rural village

Dec 19 2017, 1:12 pm

Premier Christy Clark and her teenage son will be flying to India on Boxing Day to help build a school in a rural village.

According to Kelowna’s Daily Courier, Clark is trying to teach her 13-year-old son Hamish the importance of empathy.

“It will show him one of the ways he can do things to make other people’s lives better,” she told the Courier.

Not much is known about the trip, except that it is a “personal charity project” for their family.

The World Bank’s latest data indicates India has a 20.6 per cent share of the world’s poorest population. About 32.7 per cent or 400-million people in the country live below $1.25 per day.

When it comes to education in rural communities, although enrolment is high about half of rural children drop out by the age of 14.


Feature Image: BC Liberals