Here's how much we're all spending on Christmas presents

Dec 23 2017, 6:14 pm

With only two days left to get your Christmas shopping done, you’ve probably abandoned all hope of saving money, and just want to get the job done.

Well, you’re not alone. We’ve all been there. Pretty much every year in fact, if we’re honest. And now Statistics Canada has the numbers to (probably) prove it.

According to the official statistics, Canadians spent $14,147,447 last December. That’s about $4 million more than the usual amounts in the months previous.

We’re reckoning that’s also $4 million of surely awesome Christmas presents (which hopefully weren’t returned for store credit.)

However, much you end up spending on gifts for your loved ones this Christmas, that kind of puts it all in perspective eh?

Here’s the full breakdown of Canada’s holiday spending – happy shopping!

Canada’s Christmas gifts by numbers

Source: Statistics Canada, based on products bought at large suppliers in December 2016

Food and drinks – $5.1 billion

TVs, audio and video equipment – $459.9 million

Toys, games and hobby supplies, including electronic games – $417.8 million

Computer hardware and software – $274.9 million

Small electrical appliances – $263.4 million

Tableware, kitchenware, cookware and bakeware – $238.5 million

Cosmetics and fragrances – $154.8 million

Sporting goods – $171.6 million

Stationery, office supplies, cards, gift wrap and party supplies – $98.7 million

Jewellery and watches – $118.0 million

Cameras (still and digital) and related photographic equipment and supplies – $73.7 million

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