Christmas Gift Guide 2013: Men

Dec 19 2017, 9:01 am

Struggling to think of what Christmas gifts for men are hot? We’ve compiled a list that covers everything from the geek to the active man.
Let’s face it, gift giving can be hit or miss. If you don’t have the ability to read minds, then you may be wondering what exactly the men in your life are craving this holiday season. Never fear, Vancity Buzz is here!

Fitbit Flex

FitBit Flex

This clever little device takes health and exercise to a whole new level. Perfect for the active man, or the man who is wishing he was a little more active, the Fitbit Flex tracks your everyday movements, calories burned and even hours of quality sleep and automatically syncs those stats with your computer or smartphone. It has never been easier to see if you’re accomplishing your fitness goals, and there’s even a leaderboard and badges to compete with your friends.

Fitbit Flex can be found at most electronic retailers like Future Shop, Best Buy, and Chapters for $99.99 or Amazon for $99.95 (link above)

Alternative: Timex Modern Original


From news school to old school, this classic design from Timex screams Mad Men style.  For the man that wants the timeless look.  Buy it for $75.00 at Watch It! on west 4th.

Playstation 4


If your guy is a gamer, then this holiday is the best they’ve had in years. The new console generations are all out: Playstation 4, Xbox One and WiiU and while we don’t want to start a argument among the fanboys, the Playstation 4 is the one to get this season. With a strong focus on gaming, and a sleek new controller the Playstation 4 beats out the Xbox One on the console front, plus it doesn’t hurt that it’s $100 less than the competition.

The PS4 can be found pretty much anywhere that has an electronics department and retails for $399.99 without any software (although expect some retailers to throw in a game for a “Christmas bundle”).

Alternative: Grand Theft Auto V


Pick this game up if they don’t already have it. Sex, drugs, violence and an open world multiplayer experience, this game has it all. $59.99 at Best Buy. $44.99 at Amazon (link above)

Hombrewing Starter Kit


Say your guy is the DIY type, or is just plain into beer, then a homebrewing kit could be the gift that keeps on giving. Authentic craft beer is exceptionally popular right now, and there’s nothing more authentic than brewing it yourself. A starter kit comes with everything a beginner or even intermediate homebrewer needs (except the ingredients) and will keep your guys well stocked with beer.

Best go to Dan’s Homebrewing Supplies for their $70.00 starter kit, they’re extremely knowledgeable and will help you get started.

Alternative: Brooklyn Beer Making Kit

Beer kit

Don’t want all that beer making equipment in the house? Give your guy the miniature version, with all the ingredients included. This kit will produce 1 gallon of beer per batch. Find it at Chapters for  $49.50 or on Amazon (link above).

Hand Crafted Bow Ties

Beaux Ties

A well dressed man will appreciate the gift of style. Bow ties are hot right now and Vancouver based retailers are jumping all over it. For a little extra flare, try Beaux, they are locally made and produce limited editions of some exquisite ties and bow ties.

Beaux can be found at specialty clothing stores like El Kartel, 8th and Main or Cavalier, or buy direct from Beaux’s online shop.  Ties range from $38 to $55.

Alternative: Keihl’s Ultimate Man Refueling Set


Let’s face it, if he’s a fashionable guy he probably cares about his skin. This gift set provides all the essentials for only $58.00 from Keihl’s.

GoPro Hero3


The sport junkie will love this gift. GoPro have been improving their cameras with every new edition and the Hero3 captures professional-quality video up to 1080p30 and 5MP photos at up to 3 frames per second. Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to control the camera remotely using the Wi-Fi Remote (sold separately), and enables full camera control plus content preview, playback and sharing with the GoPro App.

Find the GoPro at most outdoor equipment shops like the Boardroom or on Amazon (link above), and range from $199.99 to $449.99.

Alternative: Cannon Powershot 12.1 MP


Maybe pocket cameras are more your guys style. The Cannon Powershot is a 12.1 Megapixel camera with a 10x optical zoom and a nice price point. Only $159.99 at Future Shop or $159.00 at Amazon (link above).

Breaking Bad Series Box Set

breaking bad set

For the TV junkie, this is the ultimate box set from one of the best shows on television. The set comes with a lot of great extras — a never-before-seen two-hour making of the series, a collector’s coin, and even a Los Pollos Hermanos apron. The creativity put into this box set is sure to please any fan of the series.

Find the set at Best Buy and Future Shop for $179.99 or on Amazon (link above).

Alternative: Apple TV


Maybe you don’t know exactly what kind of TV your guy likes. That’s ok, get him Apple TV and he can watch whatever he feels like in 1080p. Buy it for $109.00 at the Apple store or on Amazon (link above).

Bespoke Post


For the hard to shop for man, or the guy who has everything, try a monthly subscription to a service like Bespoke. Every month they ship a themed box to your door with exclusive items related to fashion, drinks, food, entertainment, etc. A great way to give a gift when you don’t know exactly what he’s looking for, and when you purchase a gift option, he gets to pick out what type of boxes he wants, everybody wins!

Bespoke can be ordered online, with each box costing $45 plus shipping.

Alternative: Cigar of the Month Club


While we don’t condone smoking, if he’s into cigars, get your guy a subscription to the Cigar of the Month club. Just $24.95 for five premium cigars delivered each month.

iPad Mini

iPad Mini

The tech guy is all about staying connected and the iPad mini is one of the lightest and most detailed iPads to date. This little beauty has a screen display higher than most HDR TV’s and it’s almost small enough to fit in your pocket.

Buy direct from the Apple store for $299 for the 16GB model or on Amazon (link above).

Alternative: Nexus 7

Nexus 7

As an alternative to Apple, the Nexus 7 makes a great tablet with some excellent Google features. Plus it rings in at $199.99 for the 16GB model. Find it at most electronic stores or on Amazon (link above).

BioLite Campstove


The outdoors man will appreciate this handy gadget. The BioLite campstove is a lightweight alternative to cooking with gas. This micro wood-burning stove is so lean and mean that less than 60 grams of dry wood boils 1L of water in under 5 minutes. It also has a battery charger with a USB port to charge electronic devices.

Mountain Equipment Co-op sells the BioLite for $130. There are a bunch of cool attachments for sale as well.

Alternative: Eno Doublenest Hammock

DoubleNest (4)

This awesome hammock is extremely lightweight (only 1lb, 6oz.) and holds up to 400 pounds. This hammock is so cool it would have been the main recommendation, except it’s hard to get. You have to order it from REI in the U.S. and have it shipped. Only $69.95

Paddle Your Own Canoe


No man is manlier right now than Nick Offerman (of Parks & Recreation fame). The Tom Selleck of our generation, Nick’s book offers advice on growing a perfect moustache, grilling red meat, wooing a woman and much more.

Find this manly edition at Chapters for $28.50 or Amazon (link above) for $14.24.

Alternative: World War Z


Try to put the awful movie with Brad Pitt this summer out of your head. The book is a far more engaging and sophisticated take on zombie survival. Only $21.00 at Chapters or Amazon (link above).