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The Chop Theatre Pairs Performance with Yoga Class

DH Vancouver Staff Apr 21, 2014 7:53 am

It’s more fun than you ever thought you would have in downward dog. The newest creation from The Chop Theatre is part yoga class, part performance, and purely innovative.

Though the Gaze of a Navel is a performance in the form of a yoga class that you can either participate in or observe. It is led by self-proclaimed advice expert Emelia Symington Fedy, a woman who has consumed every new-age pop-psych medicine she could get her hands on. She asks the big questions while guiding you through a physical journey suitable for people of all levels of experience.

Emelia has been obsessed with making herself better since she was a kid. This is a woman who has undergone so many attempts at personal growth she fancies herself a sort of expert in the field. From swimming with cosmic dolphins to crystal bowl regression therapy to vaginal weightlifting classes, Emelia has done it all. In Through the Gaze of a Navel, she takes on the role of the healers she has followed and dares to lead the audience through a live consciousness shift.

Photo by Tim Matheson.

Photo by Tim Matheson.

Emelia’s irreverence is hilarious but the darkness is real. More than a mere a kiss-and-tell of Emelia’s life-long self-help escapades, Through the Gaze of a Navel attempts to tease out the value and/or folly of a personal spiritual quest. By super-imposing therapeutic structures onto a theatrical setting, Emelia examines the line between seeking out enlightenment and destructive navel-gazing. In this seemingly benign yoga class Emelia asks what we are searching for  – Comfort? Fame? Meaning? Happiness? Maybe, in the words of author Terence McKenna, ‘The problem is not to find the answer, it’s to face the answer.”

After almost a decade of producing new works, The Chop is going back to their roots and re-visiting the form of the solo show with the irreverent and hilarious Symington Fedy centre-stage. In Through the Gaze of a Navel, this professional seeker attempts to lead the audience through the clusterf*ck of life.

Each year, Boca del Lupo presents the Micro Performance Series (MPS). Centered on and around Granville Island, these productions are created and performed by local, national and international artists working across disciplines in intimate and small-scale forms. Each project asks the audience, which is rarely more than 20 at a time, to immerse themselves in a world of the artists’ creation. These performances are not smaller versions of what would normally be larger productions, these are pieces that exploit what is only possible on a smaller, more intimate scale.  Boca del Lupo will be presenting a total of five Micro Performance pieces this season, each one being announced only a month before opening.

The Chop Theatre’s Through the Gaze of a Navel, presented by Boca del Lupo’s Micro Performance Series

April 23 – 27, 2014 (April 23 – 25 7pm & 8pm, Apr 26 2pm & 7pm, Apr 27 2pm & 3pm)
DURATION: 45 minutes
TICKETS: $10 general admission, seating is limited.

Feature Image: Itai Erdal


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