Protest over Chinese Flag at Vancouver City Hall scheduled for today

Oct 6 2016, 4:03 pm

A flap that began this weekend over the raising of the Chinese national flag at Vancouver city hall shows no sign of dying down.

Citics of acting Mayor Kerry Jang, who played a key role in the Friday flag raising ceremony, are holding a rally this afternoon calling for his resignation.

Over the weekend, the event drew a flood of angry online reactions, including a petition calling for Jang’s resignation which has since garnered about 1,200 signatures.

Now, those who were offended by Jang’s actions are taking their complaint to city hall.

Former COPE Mayoral candidate Meena Wong, says Jang’s actions upset many Chinese-Canadians who don’t support the communist government and its troubling human rights record.

“He is supposed to be representing us, the citizens and the people of Vancouver so he should resign, because now, we don’t think he is fit to be representative of people of Vancouver.”

Wong says Jang should have apologized in the wake of the incident, but has instead made things worse.

“But instead of doing that, what he did was he accused us as racists. I’m Chinese. Many of the people who put forward the petition are also Chinese Canadian.”

The flag was hoisted on a ceremonial pole that’s previously flown the pride and trans flag, along with a number of other countries.

The event is scheduled for City Hall at 1pm.