TedxVancouver's Chen Lizra and The Power of Seduction

Today, love is in the air. Excitement has also been in the air all February as the world famous TED conference was announced to be in Vancouver for 2014,  and TEDxStanley Park is just around the corner. With creativity, love, and excitement present in the air, perhaps its time to think about how to get creative with the power of seductionChen Lizra, best selling author, professional dancer, and branding guru is the driving force behind the ‘power of seduction in our everyday lives’ talk. 

Her TEDxVancouver talk last October caused quite a stir at the Orpheum and the YouTube video is even beating the standing ovation speech of big-time Vancouver entrepreneur, Mark Brand by almost ten-fold. It has amassed 33,000 views in only a week’s time. Here is why.


Chen highlights how seduction has been stigmatized far too much in everyday life for people to ever look at it as a positive skill set. However, seducing someone can be done with a positive and charming way that has class and is done with loyalty and integrity. This shift in view of seduction has been inspired by her adopting island, Cuba, where she experienced seduction as a way of life that was empowering leaving people feeling satisfied and happy rather than used. Seduction is simply a form of influencing others’ emotions through your body language, charm, daring, and conviction. In many countries outside of North America, such as Cuba, seduction is a playful and fun way of life. When will we start learning from them?

Formula of Seduction

1. Desire: Knowing what you want and going after it. Find what people need emotionally and give it to them.

2. Confidence: It’s a crucial life skill essential for success, without which you cannot go after what you want. Live it.

3. Body Language: Tone of voice, the look you give people, adding a little touch. It communicates to the other what you want.

4. Arousal: You need to activate desire in the other person to want to give you what you want, luring it out in a playful and charming way. Reach their heart.

5. Be fearless: Go for what you want with an open heart regardless of the fear of getting hurt.

Whether it be on your intimate date tonight or in the board room (in a non-sexual way) tomorrow morning, start to think about how you can start to utilize your charm, connection, vulnerability, pride, confidence, and appeal to get the things you want in life. And most importantly use the power of seduction to make your loved one feel special tonight. Seducing your partner is a way to keep the fire alive…