Empty fridge? A new gourmet delivery service can solve your problem

Aug 15 2016, 3:58 pm

How many times have you found yourself staring at your empty refrigerator after a long day of work?

If this situation sounds all too familiar then chances are you lead a pretty busy lifestyle full of workouts, meeting times, socializing, and family. Still, there are only so many days you can withstand expensive restaurants and unhealthy fast food. This is especially relevant for people who are single and parents with children in school. With a busy schedule, activities, and social events, there’s more of a need for healthy meals than ever.

When you don’t have time to plan and make meals, many of us resort to cheap, store-bought processed food – but that can quickly become boring thanks to the bland taste, sketchy ingredients, and strange textures. Given this, Vancouverites are accepting a new delivery service as a much welcomed change. Chef 2 Home is a convenient, high-quality meal delivery service that offers chef-made international inspired meals that help to simplify hectic lifestyles. Chef 2 Home conveniently delivers to your home or office in Vancouver and Richmond – perfect for when you don’t have enough time to cook the healthy, wholesome meals you crave.

Check out these delicious Chef 2 Home meals.

Cajun chicken served with bacon and mixed bean succotash

Chicken and mixed vegetable pad thai

Pad Thai

Pad Thai/Chef2Home

Mediterranean chicken on creamy pesto and mixed vegetable vermicelli

Chicken pest

Chicken Pesto/Chef2Home

Chef 2 Home believes in social responsibility. The business drives a low emissions car for delivery, uses recyclable containers, and aims to have as little food wasted as possible. As a customer you also help out by shopping less, driving less, and wasting less on expired groceries.

The Chef 2 Home menu changes weekly so you don’t get bored and you always have exciting food in your fridge to look forward to. You can order your selections online and by calling 604-876-0400. Stay in the know via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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